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English as a Second Language Services 


Purpose of the Bilingual & ESL Programs
Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are designed to help students with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) become fluent in English and master the state curriculum. Bilingual Education/ESL programs serve students who have a language other than English spoken in their homes. The program focuses on teaching English Language Learners using appropriate methods in order to build English vocabulary, acquire knowledge and skills in core academic subject areas, and promote self-assurance, confidence and cultural pride. 

A Bilingual program is required when twenty or more Limited English Proficient (LEP) students in the same grade level speak the same language other than English. Currently Edgewood ISD offers an ESL program of supports in Pre-K through 12th grade. ESL students are taught by teachers who are certified in English as a Second Language.

The ESL program emphasizes mastery of English language skills to enable students to communicate effectively and therefore participate equitably in school. Integrating language and literacy skills across the curriculum provides students with the opportunity to acquire a high level of literacy and fluency in English while continuing to develop their native language. The ultimate goal of the Bilingual/ ESL program is for students to participate successfully in the mainstream curriculum while becoming independent and creative thinkers in an increasingly complex society.

The ESL program provides instruction to help students as they develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teachers use academic and cultural experiences of the student as a platform to provide the appropriate instruction in English. As the English Language Learner develops competence in English he/she becomes more successful in all academic subjects.

Upon initial enrollment in Edgewood ISD parents are required to fill out a Home Language Survey. If the survey indicates that the child and/or some other member of the household speaks a language other than English, the student will be assessed to determine if he or she qualifies for participation in the appropriate language acquisition program. Parents must be contacted and give permission for students to participate in these programs

Role of English as a Second Language Teacher
ESL teachers teach all ESL-specific classes. They provide pull-out and push-in services as well as classroom consultation. In addition, the ESL teacher administers language proficiency tests to those students who have learned a language other than English as their first language. The ESL teachers are members of the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee and maintain the paperwork associated with this committee. All ESL teachers have ESL endorsements or state certifications and have training in the administration of the tests given. ESL teachers are expected to stay current regarding state regulations and advancements in their field. ESL teachers attend conferences and workshops such as those sponsored by Region 7 Texas Education Agency (TEA) Service Center in order to stay current in their field.

Students whose first language is not English are tested for oral English proficiency. The following oral tests are used: This assessment is scheduled to change November 1, 2019

Preschool students: IDEA PreIPT Oral
Kindergarten - Grade 6: IDEA IPT I Oral
Grades 7 – 12: IDEA IPT II Oral
Students entering second grade and older also need to prove proficiency in reading and writing by scoring at the 40th percentile or above on a TEA-approved standardized test.

All ESL students in grades K-12 participate in the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS). All ESL students will participate in the state assessments (STAAR); the specific tests given are determined by the LPAC based on the student’s English language proficiency level.

Language Proficiency Assessment Committee

LPAC responsibilities include:
Review all pertinent information on all limited English proficient students
Designate the language proficiency level and academic achievement level of each student
Designate (subject to parent approval) initial instructional placement in the ESL program
Review students’ progress and designate appropriate instruction
Classify students as English proficient in accordance with state guidelines
Monitor the academic progress of students who have exited the ESL program for a period of two years
Facilitate the participation of limited English proficient students in other programs for which they are eligible

The LPAC regulations require that each LPAC that is convened have a trained parent representative. This parent representative must have a student currently being served by the District’s ESL program. The parent representative receives training in the duties of the committee and the state regulations governing ESL education. In addition, the parent representative is knowledgeable of the program design in the district.

English Language Learners who are 3 or 4 years old by September first of the school year may qualify to participate in the District’s preschool program if they are not proficient in English. Proficiency testing is conducted each in year in mid-August or within 20 days of enrollment.

Bilingual/ESL Students With Disabilities
Students with disabilities may receive ESL services if they are eligible. If an ESL student is receiving special education services, a professional member of the LPAC serves on the admission, review and dismissal (ARD) committee of each student.



ELPS Support:

English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS):

Supporting English Learners in Texas:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bilingual/ESL: English Learner LPAC FAQ Released.pdf



For more information regarding the Bilingual & ESL Program at Edgewood ISD, please contact Kelli Cassell, Edgewood ISD, ESL District Coordinator. 

Kelli Cassell

(903) 896-4332 ext. 8059


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