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Edgewood ISD Gifted & Talented Program Information

District Gifted & Talented Coordinator

Monica Price

Elementary Principal

Kristy Jones

Intermediate Principal

 Dr. Shannon Orsborn

K-5 G/T Teacher

Diana Smith

Middle School Principal

Kassi Mays

Middle School G/T Teachers

Lacey Rotan

Shannon Bannister

High School Principal

Valerie Payne

High School G/T Teachers

Kimberly McGahee

Denise Schley

Lisa Carlisle

Tim Taylor

Gifted & Talented Student Referral Information

Public Notice

Edgewood ISD is now accepting referrals for students who may need Gifted/Talented Services for the school year. This program is designed for students who exhibit intellectual and creative thinking abilities at an extraordinary level not normally served in the regular classroom. Services are provided only upon identification of education needs of the student. Anyone wishing to refer a student attending Edgewood ISD in kindergarten through twelfth grade this school year are asked to fill out the online Edgewood ISD G/T Referral Form found on the EISD website. This form must be completed by the first Friday in November. Those unable to fill the form out online should call the school office to request a form be sent to them.

EISD Online GT Referral Form

Edgewood ISD ahora está aceptando referencias para estudiantes que pueden necesitar servicios para estudiantes dotados / talentosos para el año escolar. Este programa está diseñado para estudiantes que exhiben habilidades de pensamiento intelectual y creativo a un nivel extraordinario que normalmente no se atiende en el aula regular. Los servicios se brindan solo al identificar las necesidades educativas del estudiante. Cualquier persona que desee referir a un estudiante que asiste a Edgewood ISD en el jardín de infantes hasta el duodécimo grado este año escolar debe completar el Formulario de referencia G / T de Edgewood ISD que se encuentra en el sitio web de EISD. Este formulario debe completarse antes del primer viernes de noviembre. Aquellos que no puedan completar el formulario en línea deben llamar a la oficina de la escuela para solicitar que se les envíe un formulario.

Formulario de referencia en linea de EISD en espanol G/T

EISD Gifted & Talented Definition

and Mission Statement

In Edgewood ISD, "gifted and talented student" means a child who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who: 
1) exhibits high-performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area;
2) possess an unusual capacity for leadership; or 
3) excels in a specific academic field.

Gifted students differ in learning abilities and require educational opportunities beyond the mainstream setting. It is the goal of Edgewood ISD to provide a comprehensively planned curriculum, which recognizes and nurtures students with high potential.


Edgewood Elementary and Intermediate Schools

The gifted/talented program on the Elementary and Intermediate campuses of Edgewood ISD utilize the following prototype. At grades K through 5 students who meet all identification criteria will participate in the pullout program. Students in grades K through 5 will be pulled out for half a day once a week to participate in g/t activities that incorporate content in math, science, language and social studies. 

Activities that encourage creative/productive-thinking abilities are used. Students will also develop specific subject matter aptitude through advanced content and processes in using Bloom's taxonomy and other measures to address higher order thinking skills. Gifted/talented activities will provide an array of challenging learning opportunities that emphasize the content in the four core areas of math, science, language and social studies. 
The curriculum in the elementary program focuses on the development of abilities in each of the areas listed below:

1. Stimulation of curiosity and interest.
2. Development of creative cognitive ability.
3. Development of leadership skills.
4. Development of independence.
5. Development of self-expression.
6. Provisions for a rapid pace of learning.
7. Integration of math, science, social studies and language arts.

Options to meet the needs of advanced learners will be made available by providing information concerning special opportunities (contests, academic recognition, summer camps, etc.) is available and disseminated to parents and students.

Flexible grouping patterns and independent investigations are employed in the four core academic areas. Students have the opportunity to utilize technology resources to pursue their interests.

Edgewood Middle School

G/T students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade have the opportunity to meet every day during their G/T class period.  Sixth graders will prepare for the Region 7 Model United Nations Simulation Competition during the first semester.  Gifted students will research the political, cultural, social and economical issues for their country.  Each delegate will prepare a resolution for the committee of their choice.  The delegation will create a map, issue collage, and audio/visual presentation for competition.  The two-day simulation will include impromptu resolution writing and debate.  Seventh and Eighth graders have the option to participate in Model UN and apply for MUN Leadership.  All middle school gifted students will have opportunities to participate in the East Texas Academic Rodeo Competitions, Region 7 Robotics Competitions, and BizWorld as well.  

Edgewood High School

High School G/T students will meet at the beginning of each school year during tutorials with the High School G/T teachers to discuss the opportunities for the upcoming year.  Each student will complete a survey selecting the competitions, activities, leadership positions, and community service hours in which they would like to be considered for during the upcoming school year.  Our students compete in Region 7 Model United Nations and Robotics Competitions, East Texas Academic Rodeo Contests, which include, but not limited to Academic Challenge Quiz, Mindset Breaking Experience, Pentathlon, and Writing.  Leadership and volunteer application opportunities for Region 7 Model United Nations, Edgewood ISD STEAM Camp Volunteer, and Texas Say What Summit.


Scholarships awarded to IDENTIFIED gifted students only.

If a student received a Region 7 scholarship within the past three years (2019-2018-2017), then they are not eligible to apply this year.

Scholarships cover tuition only, and the student is responsible for travel expenses if awarded. The universities try to place students in their first or second choice of camp if possible.

Region 7 will award as many Summer Camp scholarships as possible based on available funding; however, not all district applicants will receive scholarships.

This letter must be signed by a Parent/Guardian and returned to Mrs. Price by Tuesday, February 18, 2020.  If this letter is not signed and returned then the application will not be considered.

The District G/T Scholarship Committee will pre-screen applications using the Region 7 Rubric before submitting the following: 1 application for YAP - College Station, 1 application for either Sea Camp - Galveston and 2 applications for LeTourneau University Summer Camp.


Region 7 will continue the digital platform for the Summer Camp scholarship application again this year. The district G/T Coordinator will access the online application and assist the student with its completion. Region 7 ESC must receive the application by no later than February 27, 2020. Incomplete applications are not considered.

In addition, once the student completes the online application, both the parent and recommending teacher will receive a link to a recommendation form for the parent and teacher to complete. This recommendation form deadline is no later than February 28, 2020.

The district contact will receive an email to confirm receipt of the application and recommendation form.


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