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Kelli Cassell
8th Science/Ag


8:00-8:45     Science
8:50-9:35     Science 
9:39-10:24   Science
10:28-11:13 Conference
11:17-12:02 Science
12:02-12:32 Lunch
12:36-1:21   504/RtI
1:24-1:54     Tutorials
2:01-2:46     Science
2:50-3:35     Ag

8th Grade Science

Course Syllabus Outline

Mrs. Cassell

Unit of Study: (Year at a Glance)

Unit 1: Basics

Lab Safety and Tools

The Scientific Method

Unit 2: Matter and Energy


Protons and Electrons

Periodic Table

Chemical Formulas

Chemical Reactions

Unit 3: Force, Motion, and Energy

Unbalanced Force

Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Laws of Force and Motion

Unit 4: Earth and Space

Rotation and Revolution

Lunar Cycle

Ocean Tides

Components of the Universe

The Sun

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Origins of the Universe

Plate Tectonic Theory

Erosion Features

The Sun’s Energy

Weather Maps

Oceans and Weather

Unit 5: Organisms and Environment


Environmental Changes

Human Effect on Resources

Class Rules and Procedures

All students will be expected to be in class daily.

  1. All students will be expected to be on time to class.
  2. All students will be in their seat by the tardy bell.
  3. All students will have necessary supplies for class daily. a. Habitual failure to have all necessary supplies in class will result in lunch detention or some other form of punishment.

     4. The Consumable Textbooks will be kept in the classroom.  The student will tear out each

          section and place in their binder as needed.

Students will sign a discipline book for not following the above procedures.  3 signatures will result in a discipline write-up that will be sent to the office.


Your nine weeks average will be determined in the following manner.

Daily Work/Quiz Grades………60%

Test ……………………………..40%


All daily work assignments must have the student’s name, class title, and the date of the assignment in the top right hand corner of the paper.


Any test with a grade lower than a 70 may be corrected for up to a 70. Test corrections are to be done in class with me.  It is the students responsibility to make sure the corrections are done.

Late Homework Policy

  • 1 day late...thirty points off (70 will be the highest possible grade)

  • 2 days late...fifty points off (50 will be the highest possible grade)
  • More than 2 days will not be accepted after two days late.

Students are responsible for any assignments they will miss due to an extracurricular activity before they are absent. If you do not get the assignment before you are absent or do not turn it in on the due date, the late work policy will be followed. That means if you have a competition on Thursday, you need to get your assignments on Wednesday.  If also means that when you return to school on Friday, it is due immediately upon entering class. No exceptions.

Required Materials

  1. 1 ½ Binder
  2. Pens and Pencil
  3. Colored pens for grading
  4. Map pencil and/or  Skinny Markers
  5. Glue sticks
  6. Scissors
  7. Notebook paper

Student Cell Phone

  • Students are not allowed to use cell phones in class unless it is being used for a classroom activity.
  • Students will be expected to place cell phones in a designated place during class.  
  • Cell phones will remain on silent or turned off during class.  
  • If the cell phone goes off during class it will be taken up and given to Mrs. Mays or Mr. Dover at the end of the period.
  • The student will not receive it back until the end of the school day and will be issued a lunch detention.

Mrs. Kelli Cassell


4th Period Conference: 10:28-11:13

School Phone Number: 903-896-4332 ext. 8072

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